Our Mission

The Montgomery Blair Student Government Association is a student run organization that aims to represent the opinions, ideas, and voices of the student body. The SGA aspires to expand the level of communication throughout the school to increase student involvement. We believe that here at Montgomery Blair High School, student participation is critical in creating an enjoyable environment where all students feel welcomed and important. Our open-minded approach strives to encourage students to share their ideas with us so we ensure that our high school experiences are ones to be remembered.

Our Team

Christopher Klein

Hana Bekele

Caitlin Little
Vice President

Joelle Nwulu
Chief of Operations

Fatu Kposowa
Chief of Staff

Ilcia Hernandez
Administrative Secretary

Alix Swann

Bridget McCaw
Press Secretary

Senait Teike
Head of Blairwear

Franck Djoumessi

Abigail Dawit

Clare Park

Deborah Yeboah

Eliza Salzman

Kaleb Dagne

Karen Nguy

Chris Elien

Victor Omokehinde

Wilbert Mora

Zoe Denton

Jacqueline Ndjib

Madeline Massinga

Noelle McKoy

Nora Olagbaju

Robert Giron Jr.

Natnael Assefa

Stephanie Montes De Oca

Kyesse Bidzimou

Rose Mulugeta

Sam Teshome

Eldana Negash

Eldawit Gezahagn

Jason Amboo